Welding short courses

Arc Welding

This basic course is unit standard aligned with Chieta, learner will acquire skill necessary for him/her to use arc welding process to manufacture various items out of steel, gates, guards.

R6465.00 per week ex VAT

CO2 Welding

This basic course entails a very interesting process that anyone can be able to perform as it is a very simple and commonly used in the motor and manufacturing industry

R3710.00 per week ex VAT

Alluminium Welding

This basic course is very important as many components such as cylinder heads, engines, etc are made of aluminium materials

R3710.00 per week ex VAT

Tig Welding

This course is taught at a high level as the learner will be able to weld pipes together in various positions and also weld various materials

R3710.00 per week ex VAT

Oxy-Acetylene Welding

This course is ideal for participants who want to acquire welding knowledge with the intention to run their own businesses. E.g weld on cars, panel beating shop, car exhaust systems

R3710.00 per week ex VAT

Pipe Welding

This course is intended for individuals with previous knowledge of welding and intend on sourcing better prospects in the future.

R3710.00 per week ex VAT

Mechanical fitting short courses


This Basic course was Unit Standard Aligned with DIY in Mind. Safety is in the Hand that holds the Tool.

R3286.00 ex VAT


Enabling Efficient and Effective delivery of working methods when you need a professional finish.

R3286.00 ex VAT


This basic Pneumatics course was created for participants to build a strong foundation for further automation training. It is suitable for anyone who handles pneumatic systems.

R3710.00 ex VAT


This course offers a great overview of hydraulic systems and how they operate and integrate to improve efficiency and energy.

R3710.00 ex VAT


Effective course on protecting people and the environment by reducing loss of product and minimizing emergency spills.

R3710.00 ex VAT

Carpentry short courses

Carpentry 1: basic

“Every piece of wood holds a story that it tells through its grain and tone, its texture, and its smell.” By embarking on this journey you can Carve your path to wood working suc

R3710.00 per week ex VAT

carpentry 2: master

Master the art of working with wood and create masterpieces.

R3710.00 per week ex VAT

Trade Tests


Get your MF RED SEAL Stamp of Approval

Prices ex VAT


Get your Welding RED SEAL Stamp of Approval

Prices ex VAT

software skills training

Microsoft Excel

Basic Course

This course is intended to help all novice computer users get up to speed with Excel quickly.

R530.00 ex VAT

Microsoft Excel

Intermediate Course

This version of Excel incorporates new features and connectivity options in an effort to make collaboration and production as easy as possible.

R1060.00 ex VAT

Personal Branding

Brand Yourself Famous! Capture the Essence of your Brand

Price ex VAT