Recruitment & Onboarding

recruitment services

With our expert skillset and admiration for customer focus our recruitment team Recruit, Select, Place, and Match the right candidates to the most suitable organisations.

Working closely with our clients, we develop a full understanding of their company culture and look after them with care and attention to detail, thus guaranteeing that we deliver measurable results every time.

Our recruitment team provides the following Services:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) Screening
  • Matching the individual applicant to the vacancy
  • Managed Integrity Evaluations
  • Reference Checking
  • Shortlisted Candidate Database
  • Interviews (Telephonic, One-on-One, Panel)
  • Skills testing
  • Psychometrics
  • Contract Signing

We respect our candidate’s and client’s confidentiality and ensure that all parties are always highly respected in this regard.

Find out Why? so many candidates and employers choose DSTT to meet their employment objectives.

Customised On-Boarding Services

Onboarding assists newly hired employees in developing and keeping their skills. Knowledge will be retained, and their value will increase within the company.

Through Employee Onboarding, you will find it

  • Lowers costs related to employee turnover
  • Increases productivity,

And produces a happier and more skilled workforce.

For existing employees who have been with the same company for a while, many things may have changed since that original “getting to know you” process. This is where re-onboarding can accomplish three goals:

  1. Re-engages existing employees and educates them on company updates (sometimes small, but always important) while also serving as a refresher.
  2. Help teammates get a complete understanding of our business achievements
  3. Lay out the major goals and obstacles on the horizon

When it comes to your employee onboarding process, it’s time to get personal.

DSTT Offers Customised On-Boarding Services for New and Existing Employees.

Humans by nature like to look ahead. We like to plan for, anticipate, and straight-up daydream about what’s coming and what might be. If you can get new employees excited to imagine their future roles at your company, then you’re well on the way to high employee retention. To make that future possible, investing extra time in those first few weeks of employee onboarding can help build that foundation for them at your company.

Interestingly, because people perceive events in distinct ways, onboarding needs to be personal to be impactful.

An onboarding program is not to be mistaken with employee orientation. An employee onboarding process is the systematic and purposeful transformation of promising candidates into top-performing employees. Onboarding gives new hires a safety net from which they can learn their new role, get to know their colleagues, understand the role they serve in the organisation, and how they relate to the culture of the workplace. 

HSSE Inductions

We also offer Customised HSSE Inductions for New and Existing employees. 

HSSE Safety inductions ensure workers are fully informed about the organization and are aware of their work and responsibilities. It serves as a starting point for an organization to introduce a culture of safety in the workplace. Be your Brothers Keeper.

Employees without proper safety training inductions tend to have a higher tendency for negligence or non-adherence to health and safety regulations. Moreover, these workers are also prone to injuries and fatalities because of misinformation or inadequate knowledge to properly deal with hazards in the workplace.