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Durban South Training Centre (DSTT) was birthed out of the shortage of skilled artisans in the country which prompted major industries in the Durban South Basin viz (Sapref, Engen, Mondi, and Fluor) to set up a training facility to up-skill the local community so that the labor requirements for these major industries and others could be partially met. 

As a result, the Durban South Training Centre was set up in January 2001, with the assistance of the Department of Labour funding the training. Withdrawals from the Trust followed, leaving Sapref as the only remaining trustee. Since its inception, DSTT has undergone many structural and management changes and is now creating new synergies within the training market at its new home at 50 Prospecton Road. 

Our mission is to provide our clients in the Chemical field with quality trained artisans who will contribute to maximizing their competitive advantage.

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